Trace, track, scan, pack, and more with automated inventory software.

Inventory Management Software is Crucial For Growing Businesses

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Why You Need Inventory Management Software

  • Order Management - Quickly and efficiently process customer orders as they make their way through your company. See updates, issues, and shipping information all in one place.

  • Warehouse Management - An optimized warehouse management system helps keep track of processing, receiving, stock locations, moving product, selling as well as packing and shipping.

  • Traceability - Everything from serial numbers to purchase orders to expiration dates can be tracked in our robust inventory management software.

Optimizing Client Experiences Everyday

With Fishbowl, it allows me to look at the whole inventory – everything – and focus strictly on those items that I’m going to be short on... [It] allows me to take a look out and see what’s going to be happening in the future. For me, that’s a big advantage.
Ron Wataszko
Inventory Manager
It’s amazing how it’s changed how we do things… Right now I have so much more time to do my other work because Fishbowl’s basically doing it for me. And by the click of a button I can just move on, do something else.
Katherine Quiroz 
Administrative Assistant 
Without Fishbowl [the growth we've seen] would have been nearly impossible.
Tim O'Connell 
CEO and President 

Trace Seamlessly From Raw Materials To Client Delivery

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Know every part of a product's lifecycle from originally purchasing raw materials, production and delivery through our impressive and constant traceability features.

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